The Aquaculture Advisory Council Working Group on Horizontal Issues seeks an external consultant to provide insight on the impacts of marine litter on aquaculture and on the marine litter produced by aquaculture. This study will serve as a basis to provide advice to the European Commission, to the Member States and to European aquaculture stakeholders.



“Marine litter is any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment. Marine litter consists of items that have been made or used by people and deliberately discarded into the sea or rivers or on beaches; brought indirectly to the sea with rivers, sewage, storm water or winds; accidentally lost, including material lost at sea in bad weather (fishing gear, cargo); or deliberately left by people on beaches and shores” (UNEP, 2005). Litter is not only an aesthetic problem, it poses a major threat to biodiversity and the environment. Aquaculture takes place in close contact with the natural environment and its ecosystem, both marine and freshwater and depends on their good quality. The gear, and other materials, used in aquaculture can become litter and have an impact on the surrounding ecosystems and other marine litter have an impact on the aquaculture activities and the farmed species.


Objectives and output

The expert will report directly to the ‘Aquaculture Litter Focus Group’, a sub-group composed of AAC members particularly interested in this topic. The expert will be an experienced person with a multi-disciplinary background, ideally with experience in data collection on aquaculture and with an insight into EU aquaculture. 


This work will analyse and deliver on the following issues:

  1. Current legislation on litter that are related to aquaculture.
  2. Marine litter impacts on aquaculture.
  3. Sources of aquaculture litter (main sea-based and mainland-based sources).
  4. Types of litter from aquaculture (by aquaculture subsector and composition).
  5. Quantification of aquaculture litter (comparison with other marine litter, …).
  6. Initiatives related to aquaculture litter (local actions, projects on recyclability and durability, …)


Deliverables and timeline

March 2021: Call for candidates. The Focus Group and the secretariat will select a candidate to be approved by the WG and the Executive Committee.         

May - June 2021: Consultant gathers information, analyse data and participate to the Working Group meeting

July 2021: Draft report sent to Focal Group and approved by WG-3

August 2021: Final report approved by the Executive Committee.



The budget for this work is EUR 4,000 including VAT.


If interested, please send your CV in English to the AAC Secretariat by the 31 March 2021: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.