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<strong>AAC Recommendation on Organic Aquaculture</strong>
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AAC Recommendation on shellfish farming as a nitrogen sink
/ ecosystem services, Emissions, environment, Molluscs, nitrogen, pollution, Recommendations, Shellfish
AAC Recommendation on the circularity of fish feed
/ aquafeed, circularity, feed, finfish, nurtients, Recommendations
AAC Recommendation on the impact of the Action Plan’s Bottom Trawling Ban on Shellfish Farming
/ Action Plan, Ban, Bottom Trawling, Recommendations, Shellfish
AAC Recommendation on the decarbonisation of finfish farming facilities
/ Decarbonisation, finfish, Recommendations
AAC Recommendations for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Aquaculture
/ Adaptability, climate change, Emissions, low-carbon, Product Environmental Footprint, Recommendations