The Aquaculture Advisory Council is entitled by the Common Fisheries regulation to submit recommendations and suggestions to the Commission and to the Member States concerned on matters relating to the management and the socio-economic and conservation aspects of aquaculture.

AAC Recommendation on the circularity of fish feed
/ aquafeed, circularity, feed, finfish, nurtients, Recommendations
AAC Recommendation on the impact of the Action Plan’s Bottom Trawling Ban on Shellfish Farming
/ Action Plan, Ban, Bottom Trawling, Recommendations, Shellfish
AAC Recommendation on the decarbonisation of finfish farming facilities
/ Decarbonisation, finfish, Recommendations
AAC Recommendations for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Aquaculture
/ Adaptability, climate change, Emissions, low-carbon, Product Environmental Footprint, Recommendations
/ aquaculture vessels, Climate, Decarbonisation, energy, GHG emissions, Recommendations
/ competitivity, productors, Recommendations, small-scale, SMEs
/ Adaptability, Climate, competitivity, Crises, Recommendations, Sustainability
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