On September 10th 2019, the Aquaculture Advisory Council’s General Assembly elected its representatives for the next three years.


Javier Ojeda was elected as Chair.

Marc-Philip Buckhout was elected as first Vice-Chair.

Addy Risseeuw was elected as second Vice-Chair and Treasurer.

At this same occasion, the AAC members renewed their Executive Committee and welcomed the Croatian Aquaculture Association (within the Croatian Chamber of Economy) as a new member. The 2020 budget was also approved, together with the AAC’s Work Programme for 2020.

The meeting was hosted by the Flemish authorities within their beautiful premises in Brussels.


The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) is a stakeholder-led European representative organisation that provides the European Commission and EU countries with recommendations on aquaculture management. The AAC presently has 57 members from 16 Member states. It is  a balanced stakeholder organisation composed of representatives from the aquaculture industry and other groups interested in aquaculture (NGOs). Since 2017, the AAC provides advice on any legislative, regulatory or legal matter at European or national level related to the sustainable development of EU aquaculture.