DG AGRI Director for Quality, Research and Innovation, Outreach’s reponse to AAC members questions on the Organic Regulation:

1) [Question from RECIRKFISK] In Sweden, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in organic aquaculture are prohibited when there is closed recirculation at 100%. What about 80% , 20%, 1% ?
In a pond or lake, the water is circulating many times by effect of the wind before leaving the watershed. RAS can also be outdoor and then the wind can be used to drive circulation.

2) [Question from IPIFF] Would the postponed entry into force of the Regulation 2018/848 represent an opportunity to revise the article (on the diet of organic carnivorous aquaculture species)? Since the public consultation took place (i.e. August 2019), the ambitions on organic aquaculture were ‘raised’ (e.g. F2F strategy) and the postponement might offer an opportunity to ensure that organic aquaculture upscales in line with the F2F targets.

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