24/03/2023 – Press

The first agenda item on the 17th Aquaculture Technical Seminar, on the 24th of March 2023 was dedicated to the Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC). The AAC is the European Commission and Member States’ advisory body for all EU aquaculture policy-related matters. The AAC’s Executive Committee members were invited to present their work and recommendations to promote the sustainable development of European aquaculture to the Member States technical experts.  

To address the various causes of stagnation of the sector in the EU, the AAC Chair Brian Thomsen presented the main AAC’s recommendations on the short term:

  • Setting quantitative objectives for growth
  • Developing indicators for growth
  • Further strengthening cooperation between the AAC, the EU Commission and the Member States

On the long term, the AAC proposes that aquaculture should be on equal policy footing to agriculture and fisheries.   

An exchange of views concluded this fruitful first participation. The AAC shall be attending this seminar again in its future editions.