The Aquaculture Advisory Council has organised, in the framework of the European Maritime Day 2019 (EMD) in Lisbon, an interactive Workshop to reflect upon the “Social acceptability of aquaculture in the European Union”.


Around 80 enthousiastic participants could listen to the experts presentations about the challenges faced by aquaculture products with EU consumers, the role of media in the definition of the image of aquaculture in the public debate, the growing concerns about animal welfare in our society and the issues at stake when trying to find new spaces to develop aquaculture in Europe. 


The participants were then divided into thematic groups to define which would be the main challenges to be faced for each topic and discuss possible solutions. The event ended with a vote to rank the current challenges in terms of importance. 


This fruitful experience allowed the EMD visitors to know more about the AAC, its work and role in defining problems to be solved and advising possible measures to be taken by the authorities. The results from the Workshop will be analysed and used as a basis for a future internal discussion on the social acceptability of aquaculture activities and products in the EU. 


Download the presentations by the experts:

Marija Banovic, MAPP Centre, Department of Management, Aarhus University, Denmark, Consumers and products

Tonje Omsmundsen, Research Director, NTNU Samfunnsforskning, Social acceptability and the role of media

– João L. Saraiva, Fish Ethology and Welfare Group, CCMAR, Faro, Portugal, Fish welfare and the social acceptability challenge


AAC members present: Javier Ojeda (Chair), Marc-Philip Buckhout (Vice-Chair), Bruna Campos, Thierry Hélie, Yannis Pelekannakis, Cécile Fouquet (Secretariat), Farid Safi (Secretariat). 


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