Brussels, 23 March 2022 –The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) has had fruitful and intense last few months preparing recommendation to the European Commission and the EU Member States on several matters concerning EU aquaculture. Since the end of December 2021, the AAC has published ten new recommendations to the European Commission, on various subjects.

You can find hereunder the 10 recommendations.

  • About fish farming:

Recommendation on Freshwater Aquaculture and Wildlife

  • About shellfish farming:

Recommendation on Anticipating Noroviral Contamination through the Use of Antidiarrhoeals

Recommendations on the coherence of zones concerning shellfish farming

  • About fish welfare:

Recommendation for the setting up of a Fish Welfare Reference Centre

Recommendation on Fish Welfare in Live Fish Transport

  • About the aquatic environment:

Recommendation on Aquatic Debris from European Aquaculture

  • About the EU aquaculture sector :

Recommendation on the COVID-19 Impacts on the EU aquaculture food system and responses

Recommendation on EU Aquaculture Values

Recommendation on the Role of Producers’ Organisations in the Sustainable Development of Aquaculture

Recommendation on achieving greater sustainability standards of imported aquaculture products and a level-playing field

Note to the editor:

The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) provides advice to the European Commission and Member States on any new legislative, regulatory or legal measure at European or national level that affects aquaculture.